Assalamualaikum, Welcome to the official portal of TH Foundation

    Thursday Jamadilawal 28 1441
    Thursday 23 January 2020

    The initiatives in the 1st phase outlined by TH Foundation in carrying out its CSR with the theme of “Charity begins at home”, among others:- 

    1. To offer scholarship to the SPM school leavers especially TH depositors to pursue their study in Local Higher Learning Institutions;
    2. To offer scholarship to the children and legal wards of TH employees and retirees to pursue their study in higher learning institutions either abroad or locally;
    3. To provide sponsorship to TH employees in pursuing their tertiary education;
    4. To carry-out humanitarian aid and contribution in the event of mishaps or natural catastrophes;
    5. To help those who are in need which categorized as asnaf to relieve their life burden and responsibilities.
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